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Day 7: Rifugio I Re Magi to Névache

This was our last short day for a while! We started off the day nicely by going in the wrong direction. For some reason we thought we had to double back for a bit (despite signposts, guidebook and map telling us not to; it must’ve been the wine). Having finally located the right path (it goes up past the rifugio) we climbed up through the woods to Col des Thures, where there is a nice little lake and some great views of the surrounding mountains.

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Day 6: Valfréjus to Rifugio I Re Magi

There was only one other person in the dorm but of course this was a snorer. After the previous day’s invigorating climb we felt like we could hardly stand, let alone climb the almost 1000 m up to the Col de la Vallée Étroite. This was all in the mind though, because we actually made very good time. The path was more like a dirt road or 4wd track most of the way, but there were some good views of Mont Thabor with the Refuge de Mont Thabor just beneath it. We’d originally planned to stay there that night but it when we called them they said they were fully booked for a week, so we had to continue on to the next refuge. Hence our decision to continue on to Valfréjus on day 5.

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