The art of visual




I am Jasper Landman, a visual artist and photographer specialising in composites and conceptual portraits. My work involves crafting an image from different sources such as portrait, landscape and macrophotography, and hand drawn artwork.



A composite is a uniquely visual way to convey a story. I do commissioned shoots, for example for creative professionals wishing to tell their company message, or for engaged couples wishing to show their love in a unique portrait.

The brainstorm session

Every composite starts with a brainstorm session, where we talk about your interests and the story you wish to convey. Together we gather ideas that become the inspiration for the final image. The brainstorm session is always free of charge.


Creature art

Some things are hard or nearly impossible to photograph. In most composites a number of elements needs to be drawn by hand – shadows are a notorious example. However, sometimes I like to go a bit further. The creatures below are entirely drawn by hand. Click on each example to see how the creatures are built up step by step.