Day 4: Pralognan to Refuge de Péclet-Polset

Bad news first: lots of condensation in the tent, but fortunately all our stuff was either inside the packs or inside drysacks. We had a towel so we could dry the inside of the tent and try to prevent water from dripping onto us and our sleeping pads.

Good news: sleeping under a single sleeping bag actually worked really well. We slept inside our thermal sleeping bag liners with the bag itself zipped open completely as a blanket.

More bad news: we couldn’t go to the Pralognan post office to send the second sleeping bag and the spare socks home because it was Sunday, and as everybody knows there is no post on Sundays.

It didn’t matter much because we were getting used to the weight (although I was still walking with my gloves under my shoulder straps). And this day was quite short anyway. The way out of Pralognan wasn’t very exciting to start with. A parking lot, some broad path through a forest, a road. However, once we left the trees behind it got more exciting. The track was still broad without any challenging bits but the scenery was magnificent. It was another day of clear blue skies and sunshine and you could see every single peak sharply. There were some cows but luckily they were behind a fence. We reached the refuge quite early, so there was time for tarte aux myrtille. Jasper made friends with the local chickens. Apparently they don’t feel it if you poke their combs. It’s the chicken equivalent of an elbow.

We hiked up to a viewpoint just above the refuge to catch the sunset which probably gets the award for best sunset of the GR5.

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Insert your favourite inspiring quote here